Metchosin Talk and Walk Series

Welcome to the Metchosin Talk and Walk website.

Until the fall of 2018, the Talk and Walks (102 of them over a twelve-year period) were organized by Moralea Milne.  Click here to view a list of the events organized by Moralea.

Since then, the Metchosin Biodiversity Project, which Moralea helped to start and which runs the Metchosin BioBlitzes and MycoBlitzes, has been organizing the Talk and Walk series.

Upcoming Talks:

January 18: Nancy Turner, Wild Cultivation

March 8: Amanda Swinimer, Seaweeds

May 10: Andrew Simon, Citizen Science, Galiano Biodiversity

June 14: Nikki Wright, Eelgrass

September 6: Leah Ramsay, Dragonflies.

Witty’s Sand Spit walk



Pippi Lawn gave a great talk on Friday night.  She reviewed the work that she and her teams had done on Sidney spit, restoring native plants.

On Saturday morning (Nov 17) a large group showed up at the end of Witty’s Lagoon Road to join Pippi for a walk around Witty’s spit.  Pippi talked about some of the lessons learned–both positive and negative–during the Sidney Spit restoration.